Middle School Announcements

October 27  --

Menu for Thursday, October 29
Lunch has been changed to tomato soup and grilled cheese.

Overdue Library Books 
2025 - Noah Voeller, Wyatt Kroll, Cassidy Nelson
2026 - Cali Hall, Kaden Kwasniewski
2027 - Johnathan Karenbauer

Picture Re-take Day
If your child missed picture day AND retake day at school due to Covid or quarantine and you would like to get school pictures of your child, you can schedule a time at the Tailfeather Studio in Webster on Nov. 1, 2 or 3. The same packages and backgrounds will be offered as picture day and your child’s picture will be forwarded on to your school’s yearbook staff. Contact Stacey at 605-345-2550 to schedule a time and receive directions to the studio.

Don't Throw Away Money!
Box Tops  and Our Family  labels fall submissions are due by October 30.  Please bring them in for the school to receive credit.  Campbell's  is no longer participating.  Thank you!

Governor's Student Art Competition 
Student Art Competition Information

It's Everything Webster Area, In Your Pocket Webster Area School District  launched a new mobile app that helps students, parents, and community members know what is happening on campus, right from their phones. Watch the video on how it works.

Webster Area School mobile app video

Download the app on Android: www.webster.k12.sd.us/android-... or  iPhone: www.webster.k12.sd.us/apple-ap... 

Message Regarding School Deliveries
The school is NOT accepting deliveries from flower shops currently, so please make other arrangements and do not request the businesses to deliver to the school.  

Flu Shots
The Day County Community Health Office is offering flu vaccines by appointment this year. Please have attached form filled out and a copy of your insurance card for each patient ready when you go for your appointment. Masks are also required in the courthouse as well as in the health office. Call 345-3882 to set up a time!

Flu Shots


1. Webster Area School District strongly encourages students identified as “close contacts” to follow the SD-DOH recommendation of a 14-Day quarantine.

2. The district will use social distancing, length of contact time, and use of masks in determining whether an individual is considered a potential “close contact.”

3. Students following the District recommendation of wearing a mask and identified as a potential “close contact” may remain in school under the following conditions:

         · The student remains symptom free,

         · The student must wear a mask at ALL times (with the exception of lunch),

         · The student will be subject to daily temperature check(s).

4. Students NOT following the District recommendation of wearing a mask OR students identified as a “close contact” (as determined by paragraph 5) may return to school under the following conditions:

         · If upon the 7th day of quarantine or later, a student does NOT exhibit any symptoms associated with COVID-19, the student may seek COVID-19 testing to determine if he/she is positive or negative.

         · If the COVID-19 test result is positive, the student shall remain in quarantine per SD-DOH guidance.

         · If the COVID-19 test result is negative, the student may return to school with the following conditions:

                o The student remains symptom free,

                o The students must wear mask at all times (with the exception of lunch)

                o The student will be subject daily temperature check(s)

5. The SD-DOH determines who is considered a “close contact” and conducts out of school close contact investigations and recommends who should be quarantined. Out-of-school “close contacts” determined by the DOH are required to quarantine.