Elementary Announcements

January 18

Lunch Menu 
Today's lunch will be BBQ Pork/Bun, Smile Fries - K-4, Baby Bakers 5-12, Salad Bar and Milk.

Happy Birthday
Nathan Hubsch

Snow Day
The second snow day on January 15th will be made up on Monday, February 15th. Please make note of this on your family calendars. School will be IN SESSION February 15th. Thank you.

Good News!
Through the Families First Coronavirus Responses Act (FFCRA), the USDA was just given additional funding to allow free meals through the end of the 2020-21 school year.  Webster Area School District has been approved to continue to offer free meals for ALL students. 

School Board Meeting
At a special meeting on Thursday, December 3, the Webster Area School Board approved changes to the 'return to school' policy for quarantined students. The first change now allows COVID-19 tests to be administered on day 5 or later. The earliest that a student may return to school remains at day 7 of quarantine. The second change decreases the duration of a quarantine to 10 days rather than 14 days. These changes are within the updated CDC guidelines. Any return to school requires the student to be symptom free. Please note that masks are highly recommended whenever social distancing is not possible. Thank you.

Make-Up Day
Monday, January 18, will now be a school day to make up for the snow day on October 22. 

It's Everything Webster Area, In Your Pocket
Webster Area School District  launched a new mobile app that helps students, parents, and community members know what is happening on campus, right from their phones. Watch the video on how it works. Webster Area School mobile app video

Download the app on Android: www.webster.k12.sd.us/android-... or 
iPhone: www.webster.k12.sd.us/apple-ap... 

Message Regarding School Deliveries
The school is NOT accepting deliveries from flower shops currently, so please make other arrangements and do not request the businesses to deliver to the school.  

Flu Shots
The Day County Community Health Office is offering flu vaccines by appointment this year. Please have attached form filled out and a copy of your insurance card for each patient ready when you go for your appointment. Masks are also required in the courthouse as well as in the health office. Call 345-3882 to set up a time!
Flu Shots

Reminder from Sheyenne Transportation
Parents should drop their children off on the north side of the Elementary, not where the buses unload. Thank you!

Webster Community Transit
New this year: In order to ride the community transit bus before and/or after school, a parental form is required to be filled out. Parent Authorization Form. For more information call 265-0372

Health Mart Children's Free Vitamin Program
Please see attached flyer regarding a free vitamin program through Cornwell Drug here in Webster. All you would need to do is fill out an enrollment form and return it to Cornwell Drug. If you have questions  please contact Heather Gaikowski Webster Area School Nurse 345-4651,  Heather.Gaikowski@k12.sd.us  Forms can be picked up at Cornwell's. 

People Against Child Hunger
PACH application.

Community Events & Resources
 Stay up-to-date on events in the Webster area via the Chamber website at WebsterSD.com plus Facebook.com/WebsterSouthDakota and Twitter.com/WebsterSD. Find current job and housing opportunities in Day County under the Opportunities tab, or visit
and DayCountyHousing.org

Follow Us on Twitter
You can follow Webster Area School on Twitter - @WebsterArea18_5  

Bus Service
For information regarding bus transportation, contact Kevin Duenwald at Sheyenne Transportation, 590-1038.

Federal Regulation
Due to federal regulations, pop is not allowed in the lunchroom during lunch hours.

Receive the Daily Announcements by Email
If you are interested in receiving the daily Webster Area Elementary Announcements by email, please log on to https://www.k12.sd.us/MailingL... and follow the instructions. If you have questions, please call the elementary office at 345-4651.